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Bringing you the flavours of Himalayas.


Quality & Flavors.

The Village Eat Inn is the home of stunning Indian and Nepalese dishes that showcase the amazing food from the region around the Himalayan mountains. Using only the finest ingredients, the Village Eat Inn serves authentic dishes that emphasise the bold and exciting flavours of North India and Nepal, which you can enjoy in our laid-back and relaxed setting.

Our head chef has carefully crafted an exceptional menu that demonstrates the quality and vibrancy of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Our menu includes both your favourite dishes and dishes that you need to try. If you don’t eat meat, the Village Eat Inn is the perfect place for you. We serve an extensive amount of exciting vegetarian and vegan dishes that are packed full of flavour. View our menu to see what dishes are available.

You can enjoy this stunning cuisine, combined with phenomenal service, by booking a lunch or dinner reservation today. If you are looking for a takeaway, we have you covered. You can enjoy the benefits of free home delivery. To experience the delicious flavours of Indian and Nepalese cuisine, please contact us today.

Head Chef.


Our head chef and owner, K. Resmi, has a wealth of experience and knowledge after working in a variety of top restaurants in London over the past two decades. During this time, Resmi worked at some of the finest Indian and Nepalese restaurants in the city, meaning that his understanding of this cuisine is first-class. He was one of the co-founders, and the former executive chef, of one of the most popular Indian takeaways in North London, The Tiffin Tin.

Resmi has now brought this knowledge and passion for Indian and Nepalese cuisine to the Village Eat Inn. Inspired by the amazing dishes from mountainous Nepal, and the vast lands of India, he has created a truly delicious and authentic menu for you and your family to enjoy.

Our Food.

Fresh from kitchen.

The Village Eat Inn specialises in creating authentic Indian and Nepalese (Gurkhas) dishes for you and your family to enjoy. By using the finest quality spices from India and Nepal, we transform the freshest of ingredients into truly unforgettable dishes. We only use spices that we have carefully selected ourselves, which are then freshly ground in our restaurant, to ensure that each teaspoon has maximum flavour. Whether you eat meat or not, the Village Eat Inn is the perfect place to dine, as we serve an extensive amount of exciting vegetarian and vegan dishes that are full of flavour.

At the Village Eat Inn, we also care about your health. As well as making sure that every dish is delicious, we try to cook in a way that is as healthy as possible. Firstly, we do not use any artificial food colourings or preservatives. Secondly, we try to minimise frying your food in excessive amounts of oil, and opt instead to grill dishes where possible. Frying foods in excessive amounts of oil is not only bad for you (as it adds extra calories for instance), but it can often make food overly greasy – and no one likes greasy food. For these reasons, and many more, you can eat here guilt-free.

Opening Hours.

Mon–Sat: 4 pm-10:30pm
Sun: 4 pm- 10:00pm

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