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Delicious new Indian Restaurant.


Wow! We were fans of the old Le Spice but thought we'd give this new restaurant (in the same location) a go. We were not disappointed. The food was delicious. We ordered 2 curries, sides and rice. Each dish was superb. The service was brilliant, and the chef came out at the end to double check we were happy with our meal. We will definitely be coming back.

Will be back.


Some of the best food I have had fur a while. Chilli momos were excellent, as was the butter chicken. Great service also. Recommended

Best curry ever!!


Szechwan pepper for seasoning this curry is so good I can’t tell you.No I don’t know the people and no I don’t have an investment in the place.It’s different but more flavoursome. Really is a eye opener and unbelievably it’s around the corner from me.It’s Tibetan curry which I’ve never had or know about but one you must try!It’s very peppery and tasty lol can’t explainTry it’s lovely

Village Eat Inn. Hidden gem in Eltham High Street


What an awesome restaurant. So clean, attentive and the food is cooked fresh. A must-visit for any curry lover.